Extremis Diabolus

Star's Justice

The Orions Fury came out of the warp just outside the system that contained the Star Arbite. As soon as the ship dropped out of the warp, all gun platforms were at maximum threat level. However nothing was being picked up on either passive or active scanners. Orions Fury began its approach to the Star Arbite, encountering on its way an undocumented field of debris. As they entered visual range, they discerned that one of the stations arms had been blown or ripped off. and that there was only minor damage to the rest of the system. Upon hailing, there was no response from the station.

The party and a small squad of guardsmen boarded the ship. There was no evident signs of a a fight along the station but packing crates were left strewn about the floor. The administrators desk and the security section was searched only to reveal that the commander, ’ Administrator Avar Gestalt’ had ordered the station to prepare leave more than a week ago.
Lupus hacked his way into one of the security systems only to discover that 12 hours of footage was missing but there was one minute of footage showing the same black suited men entering the ship from one of the arms.

Just after they had finished analysing the footage, Sergeant Lukas Banndark announced that an unknown vessel had come out of stealth and that the Star Arbite had been boarded and the Guardsmen left to guard the boarding arm were under heavy fire.

Charging back down the hall the party had a brought an impressive amount of fire down upon the invading troops, pushing them back onto their ship. Sergeant Lukas Banndark barked over comms to pursue the attackers at all costs and the party pursued the invaders back down the hall, guns blazing. the invaders retreated back up the arm onto their ship and as Nihilious Metallus Novus hacked the arm control unit, Faggen (Scumlord) charged up the ramp, leaping onto one of the last defenders, drawing his long knife, stabbing the helmeted figure repeatedly until only a mess of gore remained. The party and a squadron of guardsmen boarded the ship knowing full well that this may be among their last days. Some of the fresher guardsmen looked nervous, some said a prayer to the emperor. Zarkov lent back against the wall, and lit up one of his last lho’s. “Im not getting paid enough for this shit” he thought to himself as the soothing smoke drifted into his lungs.



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