Extremis Diabolus

The Emperor’s Justice

Taking a moment to catch their breath, a silence fell over the group of guardsmen and agents alike. The future that faced them was bleak indeed. This was not the future that any of them had envisioned for themselves. Stuck on an enemy vessel, unable to contact HQ, unable to escape and worse yet, unable to defeat the sworn enemy of the emperor… The heretic.
After a half hearted speech invoking the name of the Eternal Emperor (long may he reign) the intrepid crew decided (after much argument) to delve deeper into the bowels of the ship and find information on the engines in the hopes of disabling the vessel.
Fleeing down through a maze of dull grey passages, the band came across surprisingly few crewmembers of the ship, in fact the only personnel they encountered were a few shiners (who they dispatched with the swiftness, if not silence)
Walking along a lengthy passageway, the Tech-priest Nihilus sensed the shift in the machine spirit. Walking towards it, he lead the group into a computing room full of servitors. Commanding them to do his bidding, he acquired information pertaining to the ships engines and some old schematics of the ship. Moving on, now towards the ships engines, the crew came across a second control bay full of servitors. Mere moments after entering, Nihilus realised that this bay backed onto the engine room. Edging towards the massive doors to the engine bay, the party saw crewmembers tending to the whims of the machine spirit and guardsmen protecting them. In an instant the party burst through the doors, raining lead down onto the foul heretics. Hearing gunfire, more guardsmen came from nearby rooms, surrounding the party. The psyker, after having been shot several times, lashed back, bolts of lightning cascading out from him, leaping from guard to guard, frying the filthy heretics. A sudden surge leapt from one corpse onto a power console, causing a dull popping sound, followed by an explosion. All lighting shut off, returning only to emergency lighting after a few seconds. Klaxons sounded along the ship and emergency messages shot up on nearby consoles. Power systems had shut off across the ship, only emergency lighting, secondary weapons and life support remained online.
Knowing that this was the parties best chance of escape, they placed shaped charges on the engine, then ran towards the life rafts at full pelt, dropping lead into civilians and guardsmen alike along the way. On a vessel such as this, no one is truly innocent.
Launching one of the few remaining life boats, the crew stared behind them, ready to be to have their hull filled full of secondary weapons fire. Instead a great rippling set of explosions grew along the ship, breaking its spine.
In disbelief at their miraculous survival, party nodded in agreement, the Emperor must truly be watching over them.



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