Extremis Diabolus

The Emperors Healthcare rebate!

In which the story meet some crazy characters and one of them goes to the doctor.

After spending the last two weeks cramped up in their lead lined box, they were sweaty, smelly and sick to death of one another. To some of them, their survival seemed almost like a curse. The Tech-Priest, normally so stoic seemed to take it worst of all. He had sunk into more of a sullen state then normal. He stayed quiet during the debriefing with Bandarch, failing to add key pieces of information about the schematics of the ship that he had explained to the party but they had not been able to comprehend. The crew of the Orions Fury had captured some Techpriests who had escaped on pods. These techpriests had been held in isolation, kept in lead lined cells, isolated from the machine spirit. Zharkov knew that he wouldn’t be able to extract information from these adepts… not without brutal, bloody force. He requested that Nihilus accompany him, not being in a rank high enough to demand it. Nihilus did not formally decline, he just turned around and walked away in silence. Zharkov, irate at his authority being subverted so publically pursued Nihilus, shouting and cursing after him. This soon proved pointless and Zharkov returned to the part, asking Olleric and Castilla to accompany him to the interrogation.

One execution and two horrific scenes of torture fit for heretics, not for tech-priests enough information was pieced together to put together to present to Sergeant Bandarch.

Meanwhile Nihilus, for unexplained reasons, had gone to the med bay and scheduled an augmentation, the recovery of which could put him out for weeks.



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