Extremis Diabolus

The Long Arm of the Law

The party considered what their options were. There was some talk about boarding the bridge but Zarkov rapidly dismissed this lunacy. The safest course it was decided was to descend into the bowels of the ship and move towards the engines or power supply, disabling them and hence crippling the ship.
Nihilious Metallus Novus was able to get some old schematics of the ship to guide the party. As they descended through the decks they came across a band of ’shiners who they quickly dispatched, with Lupus narrowly avoiding a crippling injury.
Nihilious Metallus Novus maps were of limited use as they were outdate, but eventually the party found a tech section and Nihilious Metallus Novus was able to bluff his way past the servitors, gaining valuable information about some of the ships core systems along the way.

The party continued on towards the engine rooms. They came across a technician who the dispatched and eventually came to the ships engine systems. The area was heavily guarded but thankfully the guards were caught flatfooted. Morias ‘Pistol’ Novia pumped round after round into the guards. Limbs were blown clean from their bodies and the technicians began to panic. The guards were no pushover and fought back valiantly, several rounds of flechettes were pumped into Zarkov After receiving one too many rounds, Lupus snapped, letting a might arc of lightning fire from his fingers. The warp drive interfered with the blast, causing it to jump from the soldiers and onto the power generators.

The power cut off in the ship, plunging the party into total darkness before the emergency lighting system flashed on. Nihilious Metallus Novus quickly jumped onto a terminal, checking what systems were down. Only the life support, and secondary weapons remained online. The ship was (for now at least) disabled. A desperate scheme was hatched. Alloric had some shaped charges on his person, with instruction from Nihilious , they were placed in critical locations along the power supply and main engines. The timers set to go off in seven minutes.
Sprinting down the hall towards the lifeboats, the party mowed down anyone they saw be they civilians or enemy combatants. They had all sinned in the eyes of the emperor and justice was served.
They reached the lifeboats with only moments to spare. As the lifeboats jettisoned from the ship, a massive explosion was seen to ripple through the core of the ship.
The party contemplated their fate as their fragile lifeboat drifted through the darkness of space. All that was left to do was to activate their distress beacon and pray. Lupus knew better than any of them that space was vast, empty and completely unforgiving.



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