Extremis Diabolus

The story so far (Part 1)

Humble beginnings.

The acolytes regain conciousness entombed in a metal structure, the sounds of heavy machinary pressing in from all sides. None remembers how they came to be there, although memories of bright lights and the sounds of klaxxons emerge from the murky depths of their minds. One amongst them, Nihilious the resourceful Mechanicus opens the door and allows them entry to the wider complex. Outside the doors the heavy machinary noises continue as they make their way into the bowels of a Manufactorum.

Finally making their way to an exit, they track their way to a vehicle and make for a nearby cluster of other buildings in an abandoned truck. En route they come under small arms fire and the truck rendered a useless heap of plasteel. Valiantly returning fire, they overcome the opressors (largely thanks to the efforts of Morias ‘Pistol’ Novia) and proceed to investigate. The acolytes discover a cluster of sinister cultists, seemingly bent on preventing them from investigating the surroundings any further.

Shortly thereafter a small drop ship bearing the insignia of the Imperial Navy drops from orbit and lands on the nearby landing pad. Communication ensues with Sergeant Lukas Banndark where the nature of their mission here comes to light; investigate the heretical activities.

After a short investigation in town leads them back to the very manufactorums from which they had originally came, they locate and kill the presumed leader of the local cell. In the process they might up with 2 of their future allies, a local underworld figure and an Imperial guardsman taken hostage.

Further investigation into the local city turns up mysterious communications devices and some small monetary rewards. Upon reporting their findings the Acolyte group is taken to the Imperial vessel Orion’s Wrath which proceeds to use lance batteries to decimate the city and its surrounds.



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