Extremis Diabolus

Under the Eye of Terra

The party, weakened after many days of grueling combat against foul demons take a moment to rest aboard the shuttle on their way back to Orions Fury. Whilst most of the party nursed their wounds or polished their guns, Faggen (Scumlord) Paced back and forth across the tiny cabin of the shuttle, stopping occasionally to glance out the small plas-glass window. Outside he could see Orions Fury, bathed in the reflective glow of the planet below. The sight failed to give him any comfort, the giant ship was a ship full of Guardsmen, full of eyes that scrutinised his every move he knew he would need to be careful in a ship full of police, informants… His paranoid delusions were interrupted by a giant shadow passing across the local sun.
ATTACK! ATTACK! THEY FOUND US ALREADY! THEY HAVE A HUGE BATTLECRUISER!!” he screamed to all around him. The pilot of the transport turned around in his seat, grinning. Calm down fool. That is the Sword of Terra! A noble ship of the Imperium. Sadly Faggen (Scumlord) was too far gone to notice and his friend Nihilious Metallus Novus was anesthetized and unable to calm him.

After some time they landed aboard the Orions fury, debriefed with Sergeant Lukas Banndark and rested in their quarters. After only a few hours rest, klaxons sounded , waking the squad from a well earned rest. Grabbing what small amount of gear they had around them, they moved swiftly to Sergeant Lukas Banndark s quarters only to discover several humanoid figures with black helmeted suits and some strange las carbines. After dispatching these and discovering that they were in fact human and that the guns appeared to be inoperative they met up with Sergeant Lukas Banndark who informed them that three sets of insertion vehicles had landed on Orions Fury. They had been launched from a Xeno vessel that appeared to have advanced stealth drives.
After the attack had been repelled, the unknown vessel disengaged from the battle and entered the warp.

The party investigated the insertion vehicles and ascertained that although the identity of these vehicles had been obscured, some of the identifying serial numbers remained.
The Orions Fury, having sustained much damage in the battle, docked with its mothership, The Sword of Terra. Lupus Nihilious Metallus Novus and Zarkov boarded the Sword of Terra, looking for any information about the boarding party and the ship that birthed it. Nihilious Metallus Novus investigated the Techpriests aboard the ship uncovering some interesting information. The Cyberseer was on mars at the time of the dropship being built a mere 400 years ago. The Cyberseer knew more but would not divulge the information. Meanwhile Zarkov used his investigative skills to pour through the ships Library and discovered the book that had details of the dropships creation however the book ‘Mars Ships Log Vol XIV, Copy MIX’ had the vital page missing.
Most fruitful of all was Lupus efforts. He pressed the Astropaths for details about recent warp activity and was able to discern the direction that the Unknown vessel had gone towards.
The squad debriefed with Sergeant Lukas Banndark and checked the Astral maps. There was one clear location that the ship would be heading towards.. a desolate mining and repair station orbiting a gas giant only a few AU from their current location.
A course was set for The Star Arbite.



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