Sergeant Castila Regia

An exiled noble turned soldier fights for the Emperor, and revenge.


Weapon Skill: 41
Ballistic Skill: 46
Strength: 32
Toughness: 41
Agility: 33
Intelligence: 30
Perception: 31
Willpower: 36
Fellowship: 36

Wounds: 20
Fate Points: 2
Insanity: 5
Corruption: 0

Drive – Ground Vehicle
Speak Language – Low Gothic
Common Lore – War
Cyphers – War Cant
Navigation – Surface
Secret Tongue – Acolyte

Quick Draw
Blind Fighting
Rapid Reload
Resistance (Fear)
Swift Attack
Melee Weapon Training – Primitive
Basic Weapon Training – Las
– Solid Projectile
– Launcher
Pistol Weapon Training – Las
Heavy Weapons Training – Solid Projectile


Castilla was born on the Hive World of Reltec III, the second daughter of the ruling House Regia, as such she lived a sheltered and comfortable life. When she turned eighteen she began to solidify her claim for the throne and joined the PDF to gain ties to the planet’s powerful military, as a member of the aristocracy it was expected that she would receive a high rank and be exempt from the manpower tithes expected of a prosperous imperial world. Castilla’s plan was sabotaged by the scheme of another aristocrat who bribed an administratum official to re-assign Castilla to an Imperial Guard Regiment taken from the PDF, she found herself stripped of her cushy position of Noble-Commander and assigned as a Trooper to the newly raised 2nd/5th Reltec Fusiliers.

The 2nd/5th found itself assigned to the Margin Crusade; a long and brutal war that had cost millions of lives, a daunting prospect for a veteran guardsman let alone a naive young noblewoman whose military training consisted little more than the correct way to point a lasgun. Castilla learned the ways of war quickly, and the callow guardsman is now a scarred veteran of some of the bloodiest fighting in the segmentum.

Physical Characteristics:
Height: 175cm
Weight: 61 kg
Complexion: Fair
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Green
Scars: – 2cm diagonal above right eye
- 7cm horizontal on left shoulder
-5cm vertical on right hand

Sergeant Castila Regia

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