Faggen (Scumlord)

An ne'er do well ruffian with a quick tongue and a lack of common sense, Faggen has proved to be surprisingly deadly if unpredictable ally to the inquisitional party, though his motives, like his hygiene have proved questionable.


Faggen is a 22 year old man with greasy skin and terrible hygiene. tall and gaunt from lack of food, and covered with scars and bruises. Despite this, due to the nature of his surroundings, this really doesn’t stick out as anything unusual.

In combat he is a coward, often fleeing or hiding from danger, his weapon of choice a hand cannon, a powerful gun he may use easily while hidden, and does not weight him down while fleeing. It is not uncommon for him to over exagerate his wounds to escape a dangerous situation.


Born on a hive world, Faggen dreamed of rising out of miserable existence to one of prosperity and power, and from a young age resolved to do just that regardless of the consequences to his quest. Short sighted and greedy, Faggen steals, begiles, begs, coverts anything of value he could possibly get his hands on, seeing pride and dignity as uneeded burdens upon his quest for prosperity. He knew he had a path of greatness ahead of him, a criminal empire built upon those like him, ruled by his might and power…. He was to become- The Scum Lord.

He first met the party on ______, having stolen away upon a rouge trader vessel, only to be thrown off world onto this craphole of a planet as punishment, what little savings and possession’s he had taken. Destitute and far from home, Faggen turned once more to crime, robbing and mugging those he approached with offers of directions and guidance throughout the city, often neglecting his duties a s a porter by fleeing with the person’s bags.

Faggen joined the group, seeing their mission as a way to get off world once more, and enjoying their passion for semi-legal acts of violence and oppression. Initally desperate for every throne he could find, he had since relaxed his reckless behavior in favor of simply looting every dead body he can find, reasoning that there was plenty of time to safely pick up the spoils once the foes were dead, rather than risk his neck for a hand full of thrones.

In recent times, Nihilious has began to teach faggen to read, an effort began by peter, but given up after peter himself discovered he had forgotten how to read, and stormed off to relearn his basic low gothic. Surprisingly this education has worked wonders in Faggen, awaking a great wealth of charisma, who despite his lack of common sense, education and hygiene proved to be a very persuasive and charming individual. Many seem put off by his appearance, a fact he uses to his advantage in his attempts to deceive others, pretending to be the fool, or not understanding the situation to make others believe his lies.

Ever since his meeting with the inquisitor, Faggen has been troubled by his own strange compulsions and behavior. He has began taking an interest in his hygiene and personal appearance even shaving and cutting his filthy hair into shorter neater style, even dressing in finer clothing. Before he had no interested in such things, viewing them as unnecessary and minor concerns in his quest for power and riches. During the parties travels, he’s found himself enjoying reading literature and studying the history of the various planets the party has visited, a far cry from the uncultured rouge the party first met upon _____.

Faggen has mostly adapted to these strange changes in behavior , adopting them as his new norm of behavior, however he still cannot quite shake something is not quite right. During their time upon the inquisitorial planet ____, faggen was struck by a bizarre sense of familularity, despite never having seen such opulence in his life. Even stranger was his visit to the casino bar, where he sampled many of the finest spirits the planet had to offer, including a certain expensive imported vintage from a far off rural world, that he was surprised to to discover he recognized the taste. He had drunk this before, but had no memory of it.

He was deeply saddened to hear of Nihilious’s foolish attempt to hack the Inquistions systems, and belives him to be dead, or worse. He still thinks of him warmly, remembering the good times, of him teaching him how to read

Faggen (Scumlord)

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