Home World Type: Void-Born
Birthplace: The Howling Shark
Age: 29
Build: Gaunt
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 65kg
Eye Colour: Violet
Hair Colour: Copper
Skin Tone: Bluish


WS: 31
BS: 32
STR: 23
T: 32
AG: 30
INT: 49
PER: 27
WP: 52
FEL: 24


Born aboard the Rogue Trader vessel The Howling Shark, Lupus’ formative years were somewhat idyllic for a child of his low birth; the Captain of the Shark was fair to all aboard his ship, and they were led on many adventures in the eastern fringes of the galaxy. However, on the fateful day when The Howling Shark translated into the Talasa system to trade with the Imperial worlds situated there, a Black Ship of the Inquisition was waiting for them. In a particularly unfortunate turn of events, the Black Ship in question was serving as a transport for an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos. As the hails came to the bridge of The Howling Shark, the Captain began to panic, and when the boarding party stepped onto the hangar deck, the Captain had cracked a nervous sweat. Lupus was scarcely a boy of 11 when the Inquisitor bade his Adeptus Telepathica comrades to take him aboard. The last he saw of his extended family, the crew of the Shark, was the Inquisitor drawing his cannon of a handgun, executing the Captain, and relieving him of his Eldar blade. As they reached the Black Ship, a cowl was drawn over his head, and before he was knocked unconscious, he felt the rumble and roar of lance batteries firing.

For any latent psyker, or psyker in general, the storage holds of a Black Ship are a horrific place to be. For what seemed like an eternity Lupus sat in the hold with thousands of other abductees, some younger, some far older, all groaning and screaming as their minds were probed and invaded by the machines of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. In reality, the journey to Terra was aided by the swift currents of the warp, and after another horrific ordeal in which his eyes were burned out, Lupus was handed over to the Scholastica Psykana to be sancioned into the Emperor’s service. After five years of brutal training by the Scholastica, Lupus was deemed to have the strength of will and necessary intelligence to serve the Emperor of Mankind as one of his Sanctioned Psykers, and was branded as such, as well as given his orders and a pair of augmetic eyes so that he may better carry out the Emperor’s will. Now a man of 18, Lupus was too old to serve as a Librarian in the forces of the Adeptus Astartes, nor was he deemed to have the iron will necessary for work in the Inquisition. Instead, he was sent to Baran, to serve under the crusade fleet in that sector. On arrival, he was placed on the command staff of Lieutanant Colonel Rone Hayeson, a reasonably high ranking officer of the Brimlock 23rd Dragoons Regiment.

Under Lt. Col. Heyeson, Lupus rarely saw front line combat, only ever being deployed as a member of a Psyker Battle squad on four separate occasions. His primary role was to assist a Primaris Psyker, Amuert Sonnett, in battlefield Divination. Posessing little to no skill in actual Divination, this was a difficult task. When called upon to divine the enemy’s course of action, Lupus, instead of skimming the waters of the warp, looked back upon several of his conversations with the Howling Shark’s Arch-Militant, and the stories she would tell him of her time fighting Orks across Segmentum Obscurus. Taking those lessons to heart, he applied them to the current tactical situation upon Baran. Whilst not always correct, this quick thinking bore enough fruit to avoid the Commissar’s gaze.

Lupus discovered several years into his deployment that his true talents lie in Biomantic manipulation, rather than Divination. Often wandering the medical tents, he would stem bleeding and make slight adjustments to bone settings whilst the staff were otherwise occupied. He quickly became emotionally attached to the men and women he healed, seeing them as his responsibility to heal and keep healthy. The warp activity quickly drew the gaze of Amuert Sonnett, however, and he was quickly brought to heel for his reckless behaviour. After receiving a flogging for a frivolous use of his powers, Sonnett permitted Lupus 3 hours a day of supervised medical work. Lupus also became proficient with standard medical practices in this time, combining them with rudimentary psychic powers in order to effectively heal what he quickly became to think of his extended family.

This idyllic nurturing of his powers ground to a halt on the eve of his secondment to the Inquisition. When his tactical advice was ignored again, Lupus knew that the following day as penance he would be deployed in a battle squad. On his previous deployments, the proficiency of his Guard allies had kept the worst of the Ork horde from affecting them. From within the confines of his Chimaera, the worst of the war had yet to affect Lupus. From that safety, the psychic choir within was able to blast away the Orks with little retaliation. On this day, however, the Orks came on in numbers as yet unseen by the Baran crusade. As the greenskins tore apart the guardsmen Lupus had come to care for, the warp screamed around him. Seeing the telltale signs of psychic instability in the squad, the Overseer drew his pistol and swiftly executed half of them before Lupus regained control. On his return to base, the casualty reports rolled in. Over two thirds of the regiment had perished in the massacre, along with his mentor, and all those he had considered his family. Later in the night, when several storm troopers and an officer approached him with a reassignment, Lupus had been ready to leave for hours.

Lupus’ experiences have instilled upon him a deep distrust of authority, although this distrust carries with it a heavy load of fear that keeps him from deserting. Every time that thought enters his head, his final divination upon leaving the Scholastica Psykana training facilities rings loud in his head: “In the darkness, follow the light of Terra”. Initially viewing his assignment to the Inquisition as a form of exile for his failure to protect his friends, Lupus has begun to view it as a blessing. Instead of incompetent commanders and executors, with the Inquisition Lupus rarely has any oversight, and is free to pursue the protection of the Emperor’s citizens as he sees fit.


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