Extremis Diabolus

Hiveworld: Going Up And Elsewhere

The group ran into the elevator, out of breath from their near death escape from the hordes of infected. Nihilious jumped in shock as sparks suddenly blew from the console, and the doors closed. The lights flickered for a second, and suddenly the elevator was lit by the warm glow of its primary lighting. The party checked the chronoscopes, and were shocked to discover the time and date was the exact moment which the incident had started. However, of the attendant there was no sign. The group argued as the elevator made its way up, attemtping to make sense of the madness they had endured- they had used ammo and supplies, and they were still wounded from their encounter. However, the argument was cut off by the elevator arriving at its destination.

Wary of their previous danger the party emerged cautiously, the floor engulfed in darkness. The creatures howled, and shifted in the darkness. The creatures let off a piercing howl, paralyzing the group and rushing them. Just as the creatures were upon them, ready to tear them limb from limb they vanished, leaving the party standing the the elevator lobby, everyone around them going about their buisness as if nothing were wrong.

Surprised by the unusual appearance of the group security approached them and asked them to stand down and holster their weapons. The shock of the incident was too much for some (can’t remember who else freaked out), but it was Faggen that responded the worst. Screaming and howling he collapsed to the floor, defecating himself before crawling back into the elevator and throwing up. The group unsure of what was happening surrendered, and managed to relive faggen of his weapon before he shot someone in his episode

The security team was unsure of what was wrong with the group but decided to take them back to the station and question them, such suspicious and wild behavior was uncommon on the relatively civil floor of 1340. The group was stripped of their weapons and supplies and taken in the hold pen of a van and driven back. During this drive, the party was able to recover, Faggen regaining conciousness, alert and ready to move, but still shaken by his episode, and in need of a fresh pair of pants. While the group was traveling, the holding van and the van holding the groups weapons crashed, flipping over, stunning and injuring some members of the party as they slammed against the walls of the van.

The shock of the crash was sufficient to bend the door of van open, allowing the group to crawl out. They were greeted by a deserted and derelict street, a strange sight considering the good condition of the streets they saw as they were escorted to the van. The group was attacked by a hobo, who attacked them with a pipe before the group swarmed him and accidently beat him to death, rather than subduing him. Faggen found a police revolver and used it to blow the door of the van containing their equipment- strangely the van was empty of weapons and looked to be the hobo’s home, lived in for many years by the looks and smell of it.

The party barely had time to digest this information before their surroundings suddenly shifted again, reverting them back to the clean streets they had seen before. They were standing in the middle of the road, both crashed vans lying close by with no sign of the hobo or the police who had driven the vans and escorted them. They were swiftly challenged by a new group of riot police who had heard the crash and came to investigate. Faggen attempted to hide his newly acquired weapon but it fell with a clunk as they surrendered. The group was held under gunpoint for nearly an hour as the police attempted to make sense of what had happened.

Officer Scott arrived from the lower levels, called up due to his run ins with our group, in the hope he might be able to help with the investigation. He had just barely began to question us when one of the officers began violently convulsing, dropping his weapon and letting out a piercing shriek before his torso was ripped apart from within and a demonic creature emerged, wrapped in the man’s innards and warp energy before screeching at the party.

- take the central elevator banks up approximately half way
- greeted by horrifying sights of many mouthed and limbed creatures infesting the level

- everything snaps back to normal after a short while

- acolytes freaking out pretty bad so the cops put us in quarantine
- then we drove for a bit before our van crashed
- we got out, street abandoned
- got attacked by a bum in a van, looks like it had been crashed for months/years
- killed the bum, reluctantly
- world ‘snaps’ back to reality and acolytes standing in middle of crime scene.
- daemon invasion begins

Hiveworld: Arrival
The acolyte cell arrives on Hive Relliquixon

- acolyte cell touches down on the landing port of one of the lower levels after being given a choice
- gets lay of the gangs from a local trooper
- has a run in with a gang when they stray from the beaten bath
- gang later attacks the group as they make their way to the central transport hub, meet Officer Scott
- bribe their way into going up the elevators

The story so far (Part 2)

- Sent to investigate destoryed ship.
- Dicovered crew dead and a missing teleportation device.
- Withdrew from the ship, Sergeant Banndark ordered remains destroyed.
- Traveled to a Hive world.

The story so far (Part 1)

Humble beginnings.

The acolytes regain conciousness entombed in a metal structure, the sounds of heavy machinary pressing in from all sides. None remembers how they came to be there, although memories of bright lights and the sounds of klaxxons emerge from the murky depths of their minds. One amongst them, Nihilious the resourceful Mechanicus opens the door and allows them entry to the wider complex. Outside the doors the heavy machinary noises continue as they make their way into the bowels of a Manufactorum.

Finally making their way to an exit, they track their way to a vehicle and make for a nearby cluster of other buildings in an abandoned truck. En route they come under small arms fire and the truck rendered a useless heap of plasteel. Valiantly returning fire, they overcome the opressors (largely thanks to the efforts of Morias ‘Pistol’ Novia) and proceed to investigate. The acolytes discover a cluster of sinister cultists, seemingly bent on preventing them from investigating the surroundings any further.

Shortly thereafter a small drop ship bearing the insignia of the Imperial Navy drops from orbit and lands on the nearby landing pad. Communication ensues with Sergeant Lukas Banndark where the nature of their mission here comes to light; investigate the heretical activities.

After a short investigation in town leads them back to the very manufactorums from which they had originally came, they locate and kill the presumed leader of the local cell. In the process they might up with 2 of their future allies, a local underworld figure and an Imperial guardsman taken hostage.

Further investigation into the local city turns up mysterious communications devices and some small monetary rewards. Upon reporting their findings the Acolyte group is taken to the Imperial vessel Orion’s Wrath which proceeds to use lance batteries to decimate the city and its surrounds.


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