A sector in peace, or so it seems..

“Extremis Diabolus is the most serious accusation that an Inquisitor can possibly give. It is used most often by Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus for consorting with being under the influence of Daemons. Witchcraft, practicing forbidden arts and heresy against the Emperor are all grounds for pronouncement of Extremis Diabolus. The punishment is death.”

In the shadows of the Calixis sector, the Ordo Malleus roots out heretics and daemons. They leave a wave of silent destruction in their path, casting aside the lives of millions to keep the Imperium pure. But not is all as it seems and none walk the path of the truly righteous.

The black ships of the Inquisition lurk in the wash of Imperial Guard cruisers, sent to do the dirty work of their mysterious masters.

Even darker forces lie in wait beneath the surface of a seemingly calm existence.

A team of idealistic acolytes are thrust together in a sector on the brink of ruin, not able to comprehend the players at play. Can they pull it back and be the heroes cloaked in shadow, or will they lend their weight and emerge the victor in the cold light of a dead sector?