Morias 'Pistol' Novia

"We didn't even know he was there until the screams started, of course by then it was far too late..."


Current Rank: Assassin

Weapon Skill : 27
Ballistic Skill: 48
Strength: 34
Toughness: 36
Agility: 45
Intelligence: 27
Perception: 38
Willpower: 36
Fellowship: 28

Wounds: 17
Insanity: 4
Corruption: 0


- Acrobatics
- Concealment
- Dodge (20)
- Drive Ground Vehicle (
- Pilot Civilian Craft
- Security
- Silent Move


- Basic Weapon Training (Las)
- Basic Weapon Training (Primitive)
- Basic Weapon Training (SP)
- Catfall
- Deadeye Shot
- Dual Shot
- Heightened Senses (Hearing)
- Heightened Senses (Sight)
- Lightning Reflexes
- Marksman
- Mighty Shot
- Pistol Training (Bolt)
- Pistol Training (Las)
- Pistol Training (Primitive)
- Pistol Training (SP)
- Quick Draw
- Rapid Reload
- Sharpshooter
- Sprint
- Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic)


Chapter 1: Origins

Born onto the feral planet Iocanthos in the Calixis Sector, Morias quickly learned that life on a lawless feral world ruled by warlords was cruel, grim and dark. At the age of just four both his parents were killed by a street gang, before his very own eyes, for the pitiful amount of thrones in their pockets. Left completely alone he had to live on the streets scavenging what food was available just to survive. For two long year this empty unforgiving life went on until by chance an Officio Assassinorum recruitment ship came to Iocanthos to take the worlds orphans and the unwanted young back to the School of Assassins on holy Terra where most would perish, but some would find their purpose. (Meta moose engaged: What kind of shit name is “School of Assassins” in the 40k Universe? That’s what it’s actually called.)

After two years of fending for himself Morias had become a jaded, anti-social, that trusted no one and cared for nothing, but even someone as damaged as this little boy could not help but stare in awe at the sight of Terra in all its beauty and glory. It was here Morias swore to himself that he would not stop until he had become the best assassin he could be and no one would get in his way. Upon his arrival on Terra Morias began ten years of brutally intensive training that would not only change him but mold him into a deadly efficient killer. During his time at the School of Assassins Morias excelled in the use of most ranged weaponry, but most of all he loved his custom Las Pistol “Ghost Maker”. It never left his side from the moment he first picked it up and has been responsible for extinguishing a multitude of lives. The school did not only teach the students how to kill, it instilled in each of them a fierce will to server the Emperor and the Imperium until their last breath.

Upon the completion of his training, Morias began his missions for the Officio Assassinorum. Using his rifle and Ghost Maker to great effect bringing righteous fury upon the enemies of the Holy Emperor. This was his life for the next six years and he loved it. After a a few successful missions Morias began to collect a single hair from each of his victims (that were accessible) and bound them together in a charm he would carry around. It would bring him great calm to have this “charm” in his hand, he would often caress it while he waited for a clear shot on a target or planning a mission.

Again more fluff here later… getting there.

This is how he met the party and joined them in their mission to further peruse his personal goals. The transition to working in a group for someone that is so used to operating alone has not been an easy one. This lead to an altercation between group members turning violent which ended in Morias killing another party member.

Morias stays with the group to make a name for himself as well as a nice pile of thrones. He is willing to do whatever it takes to stay alive and come out on top in any situation, even if that includes sacrificing one of his ‘friends’.

Chapter 2: A change of heart

Moar fluff here soonish.

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Morias 'Pistol' Novia

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